Lanzarote the different island

Lanzarote is a place which you can call special, an island unique and particular.

Compared to the other islands that can offer lots of sun and sea, Lanzarote (known as “La Isla Diferente”) is different from all the rest.

The atmosphere a wild lunar landscape, the art of Cesar Manrique everywhere, the cultivations of grape, typical from Lanzarote, and unique in the world. The beaches of white sand or black rocks, the red hills, the old extinct volcanoes offer a succession of views so different from each other and truly surprising, for an island of such small size. 

An island made of extremes, Lanzarote. 

They say that you can either fall in love at first sight or you hate it. 

Let yourself be guided to discover the island, by the rhythm of the waves and wind.  Breathe in deeply the salty ocean’s air, enjoy breathtaking sunrises or sunsets, forgetting the stress of everyday life, at least for a few days.

Lanzarote will charm you with its subtle and slightly rough charm, with its sporty and peasant soul, with its colors so vivid that they warm your heart.  Lanzarote is pure magic.

Where to stay

You can choose one of our rural villa to appreciate the unique atmosphere like Finca Aradri in Tinajo or El Patio de Franky in Teguise